Mikołaj Stępniewski

Fund Manager
Faculty of Finance and Accounting at Warsaw School of Economics
Passed first level of the CFA exam
since 2014
Investors TFI
National Bank of Poland (Central Bank), Financial Market Analyst
Fund Categories NAV
Investor Bond Bond 327.61 PLN
Investor BRIC Equity 85.17 PLN
Investor Cash Money market 133.82 PLN
Investor Corporate Bonds Bond 102.16 PLN
Investor Emerging Markets Bonds Plus Bond 99.55 PLN
Investor Gold Open-Ended Commodity 148.52 PLN
Investor India & China Equity 240.90 PLN
Investor Latin America Equity 163.17 PLN
Investor Liquid Deposit Money market 248.65 PLN
Investor Russia Equity 140.31 PLN
Investor Turkey Equity 164.76 PLN