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The name 'Investors' was chosen to reflect our conscious dedication to the people who entrust their money to us. Investors TFI is now proud to offer 30 publicly available funds and successfully manages assets worth more than 3.7 billion PLN. Zbigniew WójtowiczPresident, Investors TFI


Investors TFI offers investment products based on public open-end investment funds, specialist open-end investment funds, and closed-end investment funds, plus dedicated private funds. It also offers pension and investment schemes for groups and individuals, based around the Investors funds.


Our investment fund management company, Investors TFI (Investors Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A.), was established back in early 2005, as one of Poland's very first independent fund management companies. The already successful development of Investors TFI took a great leap forward with its acquisition from Deutche Bank of DWS Polska TFI in 2011. DWS Polska TFI had operated in the Polish market since 1998. Following the merger of the two fund management firms, Investors TFI is now proud to also offer, under its own name, the investment funds that were previously managed by DWS Polska TFI.


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