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All investors should be aware that investing in investment fund units / certificates carries a certain degree of investment risk. Detailed information on the risk involved in the individual investment funds is included in the Prospectuses and Key Investor Information for those funds. Consulting the most recent audited annual or half-year financial report for the given fund is also recommended.

All financial data presented on this website represents historical data. The past performance of the funds constitutes no guarantee that similar performance will be achieved in the future. The value of the investment fund units / certificates may be subject to significant fluctuations over time.

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The net value of the assets per unit / certificate for each of the investment funds is published on each Valuation Date for that fund, in keeping with its Statutes.

The investment funds managed by Investors TFI S. A. were created and function in accordance with Polish legal regulations, based on the Act of 27 May 2004 on Investment Funds (Dziennik Ustaw journal of laws, 2004, no. 146, item 1546, as amended).

Orders and instructions concerning participation in the Investors funds may be submitted via the Investor Online transaction service or the Investor Phone transaction services, as specified in the respective Rules and Regulations for those transaction services. Both sets of Rules and Regulations are available on this website and from Investors TFI S.A. directly.

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