Investors TFI creates group schemes under what is known as the voluntary "third pillar" of Poland's pension system.

Such a pension scheme is created at the initiative of an employer, who commits to paying the basic contribution into the scheme on the employees' behalf. This contribution cannot exceed 7% of a given employee's gross salary. The decision to join such a scheme and how to allocate the funds within the scheme is made individually by each employee who has worked for the employer for the required period of time. Moreover, employees can voluntarily make additional payments into the scheme. Each participant can draw upon the funds accumulated after becoming entitled to retire. Ewelina TerechEmployee Benefit Schemes Manager
The benefits for the Employer chiefly include

The benefits for the Employer chiefly include

  • an effective way to raise salaries, an additional way to motivate employees and build a closer relationship with the employer
  • the basic contribution, which effectively represents a pay raise for the employee, does not entail additional social insurance (ZUS) payments
  • the costs of administering the scheme can be written off for tax purposes
  • offering such a program boosts the employer's image as a prestigious, attractive employer

The benefits for the Employee chiefly include

The benefits for the Employee chiefly include

  • a higher pension after retirement, a greater sense of financial security
  • lower costs of investment than in the case of individual transactions
  • the advantage of the 'cost-average' effect due to systematically made contributions
  • tax exemptions: investment gains not subject to capital gains tax, payouts made during retirement are exempt from income tax, accumulated assets may be inherited without being subject to inheritance tax

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