as of:


487.21 PLN


1 month
-0.17 %
3 months
-3.23 %
6 months
-3.98 %
Year to date
-6.65 %
1 year
-6.55 %
3 years
7.84 %
5 years
16.62 %
10 years
-49.77 %
Since inception
May 21, 2007
-51.28 %

as of:


7.99 m PLN

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objectives and investment policy

The Investor CEE FIZ fund invests in the shares of companies operating in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, and Ukraine, irrespective of where they are headquartered or listed. Shares in publicly listed companies are the mainstay of the fund's portfolio, although the portfolio managers also take advantage of various derivatives, exchange indexes, and currency indexes, using them either to hedge such investments in shares or as supplementary investment vehicles in their own right. The fund may also invest in other financial instruments to supplement the portfolio. The specific composition of the portfolio varies, as the proportions of various types of instruments are adjusted in keeping with the current and anticipated market climate. Unlike traditional share-based funds, this fund is not obliged to maintain its investments in shares. This flexibility means that it can downscale the proportion of share investments during periods of market downturn.

Investment certificates in the Investor CEE FIZ fund are listed for trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, in the continuous trading system, under the abbreviated name ‘INVCEEFIZ’. They can be bought and sold via brokerage houses whenever the exchange is in session. Valuation of investment certificates is performed at the end of each month. Certificates may be redeemed once per quarter, at the end of the quarter. Redemption orders must be filed no later than one month prior to the Redemption Date. The specific terms and conditions for certificate redemption are defined in the Statutes of the Fund. All regulatory documents are available in Polish.

fund facts

Fund manager
Łukasz Hejak
Warsaw Stock Exchange (since 2007.07.06)
abbreviated name
Asset valuation
end of month
Fixed fee
3.00% p.a.
Performance fee
20% of gains, if annual gain exceeds 15%