as of:


762.21 PLN


3 months
-0.44 %
6 months
-0.57 %
Year to date
-0.57 %
1 year
-3.93 %
3 years
-19.61 %
5 years
-26.48 %
Since inception
Jul 9, 2010
-23.78 %

as of:


2.88 m PLN

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objectives and investment policy

The mainstay of this fund's portfolio consists of shares in nonpublic, real-estate-targeted companies. However, the fund may also invest in other financial instruments, either to hedge such investments or as supplementary investment vehicles in their own right. Investment choices are guided by the profitability of the projects to be pursued by the special-purpose companies of the fund, the attractiveness of the location of the properties, the terms offered by business partners (including property developers and general contractors), and the legal safety of the companies themselves. Such analysis is especially concerned with evaluating the activity of a given company, its management staff, market position, distribution network, general development prospects, its possible acquisition or restructuring, and its risk of liquidation or insolvency.

Investor Property FIZ was set up with a fixed duration of activity of 7 years, from the date of its registration to the date of its liquidation (which will begin no later than six months prior to the end of the fixed duration of activity). Plans call for the investment projects undertaken to be completed within that period.

Investment certificates in the Investor Property FIZ fund are listed for trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, in the continuous trading system, under the abbreviated name "INVPRFIZ". They can therefore be bought and sold via brokerage houses whenever the exchange is in session. Valuation of investment certificates is performed at the end of each quarter. The specific terms and conditions for certificate redemption are defined in the Statues of the Fund. All regulatory documents are available in Polish.

fund facts

Fund manager
Łukasz Hejak
Property market
Duration of fund
a fixed duration of 7 years, with possible extensions
Warsaw Stock Exchange (since 2010.08.17)
Abbreviated name
Asset valuation
end of quarter
Fixed fee
3.00% p.a.
Performance fee
20% of gains, if annual gain exceeds 10%