as of:


12 649.57 PLN


1 month
-0.43 %
3 months
-3.30 %
6 months
-0.67 %
Year to date
-0.23 %
1 year
1.92 %
3 years
-3.64 %
5 years
13.03 %
Since inception
Mar 13, 2012
26.50 %

as of:


15.60 m PLN

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objectives and investment policy

The Investor Absolute Return FIZ seeks to provide Investors with consistent positive returns in all market conditions. The strategy combines a top down global macro analysis with bottom up fundamental stock selection. The Fund aims to identify specific investment themes, which are used to find long and short investments. All individual investments are selected primarily on their risk/reward profile and are based on a detailed fundamental analysis, which is driven by a value based approach. The Fund is unconstrained by any benchmark and will look for opportunities in most liquid markets across sectors, countries and asset classes. The Fund may also hold cash in a substantial part of the portfolio whenever the level of conviction is lower. 

The fund certificates can be purchased in a private placement offer, which will be directed to maximum 149 potiential investors. Detailed information will be included in the private placement terms and conditions. Valuation of investment certificates is performed at the end of each month. Certificates may also be redeemed once per month, at the end of the month. Redemption orders must be filed no later than 14 days prior to the Redemption Date. The specific terms and conditions for certificate redemption are defined in the Statutes of the Fund. All regulatory documents are available in Polish.

fund facts

Fund manager
Jarosław Niedzielewski
Asset valuation
end of month
Private placement
offer will be directed to maximum 149 potential investors
Initial investment
minimum 40 000 EUR (in PLN)
Fixed fee
2.80% p.a.
Performance fee
20% of gains, if annual gain exceeds 7%